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  2. Yup! I can show ya. Im gonna be hunting for a lot of bugs in a few days
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  4. CHRISTMAS EVENT IS NOW LIVE! Event will end on 21/12/17.
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  6. This has been added.
  7. I'll fix the Smithing furnace in edgeville, and I already added a zamorak mage.
  8. I'll fix the Smithing furnace in edgeville, and I already added a zamorak mage.
  9. Does it still do this?
  10. Is this fixed?
  11. Where do you mean? In the wilderness agility course?
  12. I'm from Pennsylvania. And alright will do man!
  13. Where abouts on the east coast? Also, nice to have ya on valor! Im rather new myself but feel free to add me for any questions
  14. Hello everyone, My name is Will or you can call me dead fury whichever lol. It looks pretty awesome. I've been looking for a good small server to join and play on. It's no fun playing on big servers in my opinion. So here is a little bit about me, I'm from the Eastern side of the United States, I'm 23 years old, I work full time so I don't play much during the week but a few hours after work and during the weekends ill be able to spend more time on here. I'm a mechanic by trade so my days are always long and tiring and sometimes painful lol. I have started playing runescape back in 2006 and a few years later I joined the private server crowd and I've been here ever since. I have hosted a few of my own servers and have also helped run a few servers all while learning forums and becoming a forum developer. Hopefully, I can help out in the server and do my part to help make this a great and wonderful community. Hopefully I see y'all in game Clue 5: The clue is in the title, but only a member has a use for this guide.
  15. So far I’ve only come across 2 but I’ll eventually take down a list of em when I take more time. firemaking bug preventing you from walking through the fire. The pathing becomes a little wonky. in the northern part of the third obstacle there are 3 spots that become non wildly. Making for an unfair teleport area. keep up the awesome work and hopefully these are simple fixes
  16. Well hey! Thanks
  17. Such a good introduction. Welcome to the server
  18. Hello friends of valorps! I go by the name 10HP and have been going by this name for around a years time on almost any rsps I come across. It's usually because I try to challenge myself by maxing my stats whilst staying around 10 hitpoints. I've been a part of servers on and off for around 6-8 years of my lifespan and must say, I'm rather fond of valorps. I've been in a rut when it comes to finding servers I enjoy lately, and prefer being part of communities earlier rather than later. So I am very happy I came across valor when I did. I've been almost every role when it comes to a server and generally know my way around servers if I take a little time to learn, so I hope to be helpful in my time here. Feel free to add me or say hello if you see me in game! A little bit about me.... I am 24 years old, and work at a mexican restaurant rolling burritos with some pretty cool people. (Yes I actually get paid to roll burritos) I live with 2 roommates and do not currently go to school (I dropped out of college towards the end of my time there due to stress of working a full time job as well). My goals for moving forward on valor would probably be to max my account, complete as much content as possible, build my bank up heavily, and be as friendly and as helpful as I could possibly be. I will probably be hosting events and giveaways in the late future once I build some currency. I will also be posting as much as I can with useful bits of content here and there, as well as showing my progress weekly if possible. Anyways, I hope to see you all soon and can't wait to make myself comfortable in my new home. ~10hp <3
  19. Entering this now can't wait!
  20. My word I can't wait! loving the community so far
  21. Small bug with the bank pins. If you have one set and go to use either ::bank or add money to pouch you can't input your pin. You can do it fine when clicking on the bank booth/banker. Clue 3: Anagram: Tucinrsdonoti
  22. no longer available
  23. Earlier
  24. Good Luck everyone!
  25. Goodluck all
  26. Looks good! I agree with Angel! Your activity has increased since the start, and your dedication is shown with your in-game accomplishments. Welcome To The Team!
  27. Good application @Gruffalo you have been with us from the start since Neilsen4 left we have a opening for a dedicated and active player. You been showing interest to the server from day 1. I will +rep this one. I dont take the call. Its up to Jay
  28. In-game Name: Gruffalo Real Name: Ryan What rank are you applying for?: Global Moderator. Age: 22 How long have you played Valor? (Screenshot time): Two Weeks. Why do you want to become a staff member: Now that I have a lot more experience within the game, I think that I would be able to help not only the server but the players aswell. What differs you from the rest?: There aren't many ways in which i differ from the players of Valor. I do have a lot of experience with different aspects of private servers from hosting and coding down to basic playing. What are your weaknesses?: My working hours are the only hold back i currently have. However i do have 2 weeks off work coming up so I will be a lot more active. What are your strengths?: I have a lot of experience with different staffing positions on numerous servers. How often can you be online?: I'm mainly available on an evening and weekends - Time zone is GMT. Tell us about yourself!: There is not much to tell, i have very few hobbies other than collecting drinking and smoking memorabilia and playing as many types of games i have time for
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