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  1. no longer available
  2. I agree with the idea that it should be difficult but you are missing the point of the lack of essence not one player on this server has the essence and even the most consistent pvmer doesn't have the essence hence why I said make them more available as I stated this is suggestions not what needs to be done.
  3. Edit. It will take someone over 10000 essences to hit 99. just did the math
  4. Runecrafting is by far the most difficult skill in this game to achieve a high stat on due to multiple variables. 1. Lack of pure essence drops. Neilsen4 has camped 200 Cerberus kills to get me 3500 pure essences that I paid 3.5 million for. 2. To continue number 1. With a lack of essence means the XP rates should be higher at level 70 I get 33k an inventory of death runes. Not a bad deal except the run to the abyss is decently lengthy 3. Rune crafting pouches do not work. If the pouches worked runecrafting would be very easy to achieve a 99 in for all players. 4. The solution to 1 and 2 is to add a bank at the altar for all players to use. For number 3 the solution is to fix the rune pouches I hope this helps for future updates!
  5. Selling super combat (4) potions 500k ea pm how many you want.
  6. Buying all bars for smithing depending on the level of bar how much I pay same goes for herbs. Bronze 1k ea, Iron 2k ea, silver 2500, mithril 3k ea, adamant 5k, rune 10k ea Herbs, Irits 3k ea, kwaurms 5k ea, and cadatines 5k ea.
  7. While on the road for max I have come across 2 major problems that should be fixed for the players that are reaching for max. 1. While trying to smith there is not a single furnace in Runescape that works. I mean I traveled for over an hour to 12 different ones not one worked. Most convenient one to make working is edgeville furnace 2. Runecrafting the Mage of Zamorak is nowhere to be found in Runescape checked in wildy and all across the home. Would recommend adding the mage to the home.
  8. In the Herblore supply store, everything is unnoted and takes way to long to buy thousands of one ingredient. This should be a quick fix in my personal opinion but no need to rush this.
  9. the armor status tab is bugged for some players will not display