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  1. I'm saying this because the server did indeed die. For days it was myself and skiller on and that was it. The server was slowly losing players by the day. It's practically a wasteland. The server was good and had potential, but the focus was on things like torva and dungeoneering, rather than fixing a lot of the necessary stuff.
  2. It's pretty sad that hardly any effort was put in to keep this server alive. I figured you guys were going to try and make something of valor, but I was apparently very wrong. I feel like it was just a server for someone who wanted to be staff on another server to come and make their own. I just feel bad for the few that donated, but I luckily wasn't one of them.
  3. Hey guys, Just thought I'd post a bit of what I've accumulated so far. I know it may be rather hard to see, but try your best. I've also set up a few goals for myself to achieve as soon as possible ~5 Santa Hats (Any colors but they can't share a color with each other) ~10 Santa Hats (Any color, can share with just one other color) ~Maxing my account and doing all of the achievements ~5 of any pets ~200m Total experience ~200m Experience in a skill ~500m Total experience ~2b Total Experience I will be sure to update this as often as I have time, thanks.
  4. Yup! I can show ya. Im gonna be hunting for a lot of bugs in a few days
  5. Where abouts on the east coast? Also, nice to have ya on valor! Im rather new myself but feel free to add me for any questions
  6. So far I’ve only come across 2 but I’ll eventually take down a list of em when I take more time. firemaking bug preventing you from walking through the fire. The pathing becomes a little wonky. in the northern part of the third obstacle there are 3 spots that become non wildly. Making for an unfair teleport area. keep up the awesome work and hopefully these are simple fixes
  7. Well hey! Thanks
  8. Hello friends of valorps! I go by the name 10HP and have been going by this name for around a years time on almost any rsps I come across. It's usually because I try to challenge myself by maxing my stats whilst staying around 10 hitpoints. I've been a part of servers on and off for around 6-8 years of my lifespan and must say, I'm rather fond of valorps. I've been in a rut when it comes to finding servers I enjoy lately, and prefer being part of communities earlier rather than later. So I am very happy I came across valor when I did. I've been almost every role when it comes to a server and generally know my way around servers if I take a little time to learn, so I hope to be helpful in my time here. Feel free to add me or say hello if you see me in game! A little bit about me.... I am 24 years old, and work at a mexican restaurant rolling burritos with some pretty cool people. (Yes I actually get paid to roll burritos) I live with 2 roommates and do not currently go to school (I dropped out of college towards the end of my time there due to stress of working a full time job as well). My goals for moving forward on valor would probably be to max my account, complete as much content as possible, build my bank up heavily, and be as friendly and as helpful as I could possibly be. I will probably be hosting events and giveaways in the late future once I build some currency. I will also be posting as much as I can with useful bits of content here and there, as well as showing my progress weekly if possible. Anyways, I hope to see you all soon and can't wait to make myself comfortable in my new home. ~10hp <3
  9. Entering this now can't wait!
  10. My word I can't wait! loving the community so far