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  1. Such a good introduction. Welcome to the server
  2. Goodluck all
  3. Good application @Gruffalo you have been with us from the start since Neilsen4 left we have a opening for a dedicated and active player. You been showing interest to the server from day 1. I will +rep this one. I dont take the call. Its up to Jay
  4. we spawned some objets on those "coords" they are probably invisable will remove those tommorow /angel
  5. I add in some items aswell we had a goodiebag yesterday with pretty cool stuff
  6. Great job!
  7. Updates 5/12 -17 Hi all we made some updates recently the most of the players know this but im writing it all down. Client Updates *Fixed A Launcher (Autodownload new updates) *Fixing Cachedownloader (50% complete) *Fixed a new Client background Server Updates *Fixed the voting system so its up and running now. Renovated the donator shops (50% done) Fixed Ping to ::Fps Thanks to Bananastreet for helping us out with those updates Promotions Bananastreet Promoted to Developer e4st3r Promoted From Server Moderator to Server Administator Neilsen4 Promoted From Server-Support to Global Moderator Gruffalo Promoted To Forum Moderator We are growing as a server and it seems to go in the right deriction. I wish all the Promoted members goodluck.
  8. Good application Gruffalo. I will speak up for Jay aswell. I want to give you this shot as a Trial Forum Moderator I will Accept you because your very active and deciated "hungry" You been showing interest to the server so you will be Accepted. Welcome to the team mate! Hope you dont let us down /Angel
  9. Yeah we go with a goodiebag then
  10. I will add in a bank today. Looking into those other issues when i have time over /Angel
  11. Updates 30/11 -17 Forums Added a whole new theme to forums/renovated it. *Added in group icons *Added in community reputation(Like Button) Server Disabled events(Temporary)
  12. Will disable it temporary.
  13. Nice application! Im positive on this one since we are demoting Jonathan today. But gotta wait for Jay so ha can give hes opinion on it. +rep
  14. Hi @zerker! since smithing is bugged i can sell you those pm me ingame when your online
  15. Step 1. Teleport to Donator island Step 2. Talk with dunce Clue 7: The final clue is hiding in plain sight. The clue is on my profile. This is the highlight of the game.