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  1. Looks good! I agree with Angel! Your activity has increased since the start, and your dedication is shown with your in-game accomplishments. Welcome To The Team!
  2. you can't step on these tiles at. home Coords of broken tiles: (3088 3491 0), (3087 3490 0) (3087 3941 0) Edit: Another title is (3086 3489 0)
  3. Check out my video I made like last week!
  4. Check out my video I made like last week!
  5. Owner Angel Co-Owner Mr Spice Community Manager Jay Developer Bananastreet Administrator E4st3r Forum Administrator N/A Global Moderator Gruffalo Server Moderator N/A Forum Moderator N/A Server Support N/A Clue 2: I suggest you find the candy cane.
  6. Application Accepted. Angel and I have decided you're very active on forums, we like that..., and you say you're experienced. Congratulations!
  7. Application Accepted. Angel and I discussed, you're extremely active ingame and seem very dedicated. and the team could use you! Congratulations!
  8. 1+, just remember, you can only apply for Server Support and Forum Mod, no rank above..
  9. OFFICIAL SERVER RULES 1. No Spamming (Auto-typers must be set to once ever 5 seconds). -After two warnings, will be muted. 2. No use of 3rd party software (cheat engines, botting etc.) Auto clickers are fine for skills like thieving. -Results in account ban, reset, or IP-ban 3. No Duping. -IP/Acc. Ban 4. Flaming of Staff/Players is prohibited. Includes real life threats. -After two warnings, a mute will be put in place. 5. No Safe-spotting bosses. -After 1 warning, player will be jailed. 6. Racial slurs are prohibited. -Instant mute. 7. Excessive cursing is prohibited. -Mute after two warnings. 8. Scamming is prohibited. -Account ban will be put in place. 9. Real world trading is prohibited. -Ban on both accounts associated. 10. Advertising other servers, illegal/inappropriate sites is prohibited. -Instant IP-Mute, or IP-Ban. 11. Impersonating staff is not allowed. -Mute will be put in place. 12. Evading punishment will not be tolerated. (Mutes, Jail, Ban) -IP-Ban after one warning. 13. Abusing powers is not tolerated. -Will lead to a demotion in rank. 14. Luring is not accepted in our community, for reasons of keeping a happy, healthy community. -Will be required to return items, if not possible, then a temporary jail time. 15. VPN Voting to abuse our reward system is not tolerated. -Vote rewards that were cheated will be taken. Thanks, Valor Management Team. Final Clue: This ones a little fishy.
  10. I feel like sometimes the client doesnt register when i press some buttons. It happens to others too. Ex: "Hello wha is up". Usually I dont have that happen normally. I might not even be the game.
  11. Gratz to all
  12. Sorry you may only apply for Forum Mod or Server Support to begin with. You can make a new application if you wish It also seems that you trolled/half assed this application. Denied
  13. Who Are You Reporting?: What Infraction Did They Commit?: Evidence Of Infraction: Any Witnesses (Optional): ------------------------------------------------------ If Evidence Is Not Provided, The Report Will Be Closed.
  14. In-game Name: Infraction: What Punishment Did You Receive?: Why Were You Punished?: Who Gave You The Punishment?: Why Should Your Infraction Be Uplifted?: Provide Any Additional Evidence/Proof: